More about Tasty Stuff

Tasty Stuff was created after Johnny Worsham, a manager at Essen Cinema 6, first begged, pleaded and convinced the general manager of the theatre that The Rocky Horror Picture Show Would help the failing Theatre to make money. Then Mr. Worsham solicited (yes that's right solicitation Johnny's forté) the audience for volunteers. Through the direction of Mr. Worsham and the sweat and determination of a few key players Tasty Stuff was born.

Here are some of the cast members

Here are some of the cast members and the roles they have played. Click on their names to see a description and picture of them.

Johnny Worsham

Director, Crim, Props, Lights

Joseph K. Martin

Riff Raff, Acting Director, Frank, Eddie, Dr. Scott, Props, Lights

Michael Ouyang (Lee)

Frank, Ralph, Trannie, Assistant Director, Columbia

Travis Sentell

Brad, Director, Janet, Frank, Trannie, Columbia

Missy Anker

Trixie, Criminologist, Magenta, Dr. Scott, Trannie

Shelley Teer

Janet, Magenta, Frank, Rocky


Light Man and Chick Magnet, Creator of the jizzmaster, and prop guru extrodrinaire


The Dildo, The Rocky Horror

Lisa Davis

Magenta, Columbia, Brad, Janet, Rocky, Riff, lips, Props, Lights