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Which parts have you played?

  1. Lips.
  2. Ralph Hapschat.
  3. Betty Hapschat.
  4. Brad Majors.
  5. Janet Weiss.
  6. The Criminologist.
  7. Riff Raff.
  8. Magenta.
  9. Dr. Frankenfurter.
  10. A Translyvanian.
  11. Columbia.
  12. Rocky.
  13. Eddie.
  14. Dr Scott.
  15. Props.
  16. Lighting.


How long have you been performing?
How long have you performed with Tasty Stuff?
Have you performed with casts other than Tasty Stuff? Explain.
Which theatres have you performed at?


What is your favorite Rocky moment?

What is you most memorable experience with Tasty Stuff?:

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