The Fourth of July

It was a beautiful, sunny day, in fact, it was the Fourth of July, and some members of the Tasty Stuff cast felt like having a little party. So they debated on what to do with their day and finally decided to go to the levee, have a few beers, and then create their own party or find someone else's to crash. They all piled into three vehicles and ventured forth on their journey. They made a stop at a local Albertson's so they could stock up on beer, liquor, and things of the liking. While they were at Albertson's, they took a long time deciding what to purchase and ended up spending forever in the parking lot. Finally, the decisions were made and it was time to head on out to the levee to watch the fireworks. One of the cast members, who just so happened to be under-aged, opened up a liquor bottle and took a swig of it. A few cops were apparently watching their every move, so when they started to pull off, the cops pulled up right behind them. One of the cars got away, but one wasn't enough to do any good because all of the liquor was in the other two vehicles. A court date was given to everyone in both of the unlucky cars, but thankfully no one was arrested. Needless to say, the liquor was confiscated and parents were called and forced to pick up their children. No one ended up going to the levee, but a few parties were hit afterwards. That was the first major screw-up that Tasty Stuff made and only the beginning oftheir Rocky Horror history.

By: Shelley Teer (Tasty Stuff's original, asbestos, most loveable Janet ever, who just so happens to be the "we're trapped" queen) < oh and she's Alum b/c of the stupid ass 17yrs or older rule>

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